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The Story Behind Atomic Widgets: Revolutionizing Ecommerce Stores

At Human, our mission has always been to empower ecommerce store owners by providing them with innovative and cost-effective solutions that drive success. The inspiration behind Atomic Widgets stems from our experience working with marketing clients and recognizing the challenges they faced in optimizing their online stores.

We noticed that many store owners invested significant effort and resources into building their businesses and attracting visitors. However, they often struggled to monetize the traffic and create the custom experience they desired without incurring substantial costs and time investment. This observation led us to develop a suite of widgets tailored to address these pain points and help our clients maximize their online store's potential.

After witnessing the remarkable success of these tools and tactics for our marketing clients, we realized that all BigCommerce stores could benefit from our innovative solution. As a result, we created Atomic Widgets, a powerful yet user-friendly app designed to help ecommerce store owners enhance their websites with ease.

There are many great benefits to using Atomic Widgets. It saves time and effort in managing widgets, thanks to its intuitive interface that requires no technical skills. Atomic Widgets is also optimized to increase conversion rates, ensuring that stores can enjoy boosted sales and revenue. Moreover, our solution is highly adaptable and can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of individual stores.

Integrating Atomic Widgets into your ecommerce store is a breeze, as it works seamlessly with BigCommerce's Page Builder. Once connected, you can effortlessly add and manage an array of widgets, including cross-sells, promotion banners, testimonials, deal of the day, and more.

Other ecommerce stores have already experienced tremendous success by implementing Atomic Widgets, as evidenced by our compelling case studies. These stores have reported significant improvements in conversion rates and overall revenue.

Atomic Widgets was born from our desire to simplify the process of managing widgets for ecommerce store managers and leaders like you. With its myriad benefits and adaptability, it is the ultimate solution for those seeking to optimize their online stores and maximize conversions.

See what Atomic Widgets can do for your store with our 30-day free trial.

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